Book Cooks, Breakfast Series

In this series, you will learn from Chef Lisa, how to make simple and yummy breakfast recipes from 5 different children's books that will inspire you to cook them! First we will make Hot Cocoa Mix inspired by The Snowy Day, Munchable Monster Toast and read Where The Wild Things Are, along with making Bear Biscuits and the book Shhh! Bear's Sleeping, then ending with our fun personalized pancakes while enjoying the story If You Give A Pig A Pancake. We will have so much fun cooking and reading together! Includes 6 videos and 5 different recipes. 120 minutes total. All in English. Appropriate for ages 5-7. There are no refunds due to these are instant access streamed classes.

Classes included in this series:
Book Cook Breakfast, Ep 6- Personalized Pancakes
Book Cook Breakfast, Ep 5-Bear Biscuits
Book Cook Breakfast, Ep 4-Breakfast Porridge
Book Cook Breakfast, Ep 3- Munchable Monster Toast
Book Cook Breakfast, Ep 2 – Hot Cocoa Mix
Book Cook Breakfast, Ep 1- Introduction
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