Simple Meals

There is nothing like a homemade meal! In this series, you'll learn how to make 5 different recipes to create a delicious Simple Meal from scratch. Starting with an appetizer, salads, veggies, main dish and a dessert. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson teaching knife skills, breading process, skillet safety, whisking and homemade vinaigrette. After you learn these simple recipes, you'll be the Master Chef of the family. Happy Cooking! Includes 6 videos and 5 different recipes. 90 minutes total. All in English. Appropriate for ages 8+. There are no refunds due to these are instant access streamed classes.

Classes included in this series:
Simple Meals, Ep 6-Key Lime Pie Mousse
Simple Meals, Ep 5-Fishsticks
Simple Meals, Ep 4-Simple Veggies
Simple Meals, Ep 3-Salad
Simple Meals, Ep 2- Appetizers
Simple Meals, Ep 1-Introduction
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