Espresso Shortbread

Enjoy this delicious snack with a unique coffee twist! Chef Joyce teaches methods on oven safety, scoop and level method, knife skills, and preserving dough. Get cooking!

Coconut Macaroon Nests

These nests are the perfect crowd pleaser for an Easter celebration, or just whenever you want some chocolate coconut desserts! Chef Lauren teaches egg cracking, egg separating, and melting chocolate….

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These is guaranteed to be your new favorite recipe for this classic dessert! Chef Lauren teaches a few hacks to getting the perfect chocolatey and chewy cookie. Practice knife skills,…

Pecan Tassies

Chef Stephanie teaches this simple and delicious recipe on pecan tassies – just like mini pecan pies! The young chefs will learn the scoop and level method, egg cracking, and…

Hello Dolly Bars

These bars have it all – crunchy cookies, chocolate, coconut, and chopped nuts! Focus on skills like sequencing of a recipe, measuring, and layering ingredients.