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Corn Fritters

Chef Monaz teaches this versatile recipe that can be enjoyed for brunch, as a snack, or with dinner! Learn skills such as scoop & level, knife skills, and skillet safety.


This recipe is great for practicing sequencing of a recipe and knife skills. Whether you make this for Cinco de Mayo or just for your test Taco Tuesday, the layers…

Fruit Kabobs

Chef Lisa teaches this yummy and simple recipe while focusing on knife skills and using seasonal ingredients! Feel free to use any fruit you have in the fridge and tag…

Veggie Chips

This recipe focuses on knife skills, how to follow a recipe’s sequence, and using seasonal ingredients. This yummy snack is perfect for after-school or to enjoy on a summer day!

Italian Bruschetta Spread

This dip is loaded with fresh tomatoes, melty feta cheese, and basil! Chef Lauren teaches knife skills and skillet safety during this lesson. Make this recipe for the whole family!

Edible Compost

Mrs. Lisa leads this “Book and Cook” lesson, where the chefs get to read a book together, then make a recipe inspired by the book’s lesson! Learn about composting and…

No Bake Sweet Bites

These quick treats are the perfect after-school snack or dessert! With loads of healthy fats like nut butter and flax seed, you can feel great while eating them as well….

Sour Cream & Onion Biscuits

These biscuits are deliciously flavored and so easy to make! While classic biscuits require complex and time consuming skills, Chef Lauren teaches some fool-proof methods to creating a fluffy and…

Fruit & Yogurt Parfait

Learn some knife skills and how to make homemade granola with this delicious recipe. Make sure to share how creative you got while decorating your parfait!

Two Cheese Turkey Enchiladas

This recipe will quickly be a family favorite – these enchiladas are creamy, cheesy, and so easy to make! The skills taught in this lesson are knife skills, skillet practice,…