Herby Egg Salad Toasties

Chef Cali teaches this easy and delicious after school snack! The objectives in this lesson are how to boil an egg, knife skills, and measuring. Get cooking!

Pumpkin Bread

Chef Lisa teaches this great bread recipe that can be enjoyed around the holidays, or any time of the year you want a pumpkin treat! The objectives in this lesson…

Turkey Ranch Wraps

Chef Lisa teaches a simple snack or meal that is yummy and easy to adjust to your liking! The objectives in this lesson are knife skills, measuring, and layering. Get…

Cherry Chicken Lettuce Wraps

These wraps have it all – sweetness from the cherries, savory from the ginger chicken, and a crunch from fresh lettuce! Chef Lisa teaches knife skills, skillet technique, and measuring….

Macho Nachos

Chef Lisa teaches this simple but delicious snack! The objectives for this lesson are learning about simple snacks, layering, and measuring. Get cooking!


This side dish is great for combining ingredients you most likely have around the house! Chef Monaz teaches skillet safety and knife skills. Get cooking!

Espresso Shortbread

Enjoy this delicious snack with a unique coffee twist! Chef Joyce teaches methods on oven safety, scoop and level method, knife skills, and preserving dough. Get cooking!

Avocado Stuffed Deviled Eggs

Try this fresh and classic recipe with a healthy twist of avocados! Chef Stephanie teaches how to peel boiled eggs, cutting avocados, and measuring. Get cooking!

Heavenly Eggs

Chef Lisa teaches a yummy snack idea – a twist on deviled eggs! The objectives in this lesson are how to boil eggs, how to peel boiled eggs, and garnishing….

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Chef Monaz teaches this delicious summer recipe that is perfect for sharing with friends and family! Practice knife skills and stuffing for this recipe. Get cooking!