Caramel Apple Ice Cream Float

This tasty treat is easy to make and great to share with friends and family! Chef Lauren teaches peeling, cutting, and dry vs. liquid measuring. Get cooking!

Blueberry Soup

This cold soup is refreshing and tasty on a hot summers day! Chef Stephanie teaches knife skills, sifting, and skillet safety. Get cooking!

Avocado Stuffed Deviled Eggs

Try this fresh and classic recipe with a healthy twist of avocados! Chef Stephanie teaches how to peel boiled eggs, cutting avocados, and measuring. Get cooking!

Heavenly Eggs

Chef Lisa teaches a yummy snack idea – a twist on deviled eggs! The objectives in this lesson are how to boil eggs, how to peel boiled eggs, and garnishing….

Cookie Cutter Ravioli

Chef Lisa teaches this fun twist on a basic cheese pasta dish – get creative with your cookie cutter shapes! The objectives in this lesson are using a cookie cutter,…

Banana Fanna Fo Fanna Bread

Chef Monaz teaches this delicious banana bread recipe! The skills taught in this lesson are measuring, mixing, and the scoop and level method. Get cooking!

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Chef Monaz teaches this delicious summer recipe that is perfect for sharing with friends and family! Practice knife skills and stuffing for this recipe. Get cooking!

Cheese Quesadillas

Chef Lauren teaches this classic dish with skills that every chef should master like knife skills and skillet techniques. Get creative with the vegetable add-ins and toppings. Get cooking!

Peanut Butter Cookies

Chef Cali teaches a delicious cookie recipe that can be enjoyed as a dessert or snack at anytime! The Cook Learn Grow lessons taught in this recipe are the scoop…


Chef Lisa teaches this Middle Eastern inspired salad dish that is full of fresh and flavorful herbs. This is a “Book Cook” Lesson, where a book reading inspires the young…