Cooking Series

6 Episodes $45.00
Baking With Chocolate

In this Baking with Chocolate Series you'll have the best of both worlds as friends will be knocking on your door to taste these delectable desserts. Your baking skills and confidence will increase throughout as each recipe becomes increasingly more challenging. You'll begin with Chocolate Dipped Fruit, Mocha Orange Brownies, Chocolate Mint Cookies, Sticky Chocolate Swirls and finish with an impressive White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake. Includes 6 videos and 5 different recipes.

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6 Episodes $45.00
Simple Cakes

In this series, you will learn 5 different cake recipes from scratch using a basic round cake. You'll learn the marbling technique, infusing flavor, reverse assembling, layering and assembling a layered showstopper cake! Learn how to make French Lemon Cake, Zebra Cake, Upside Down Pineapple Cake, Strawberry Shortcake Trifle and Candy Bar Cake. Your friends list is sure to grow once the secret gets out that you can bake these easy, delicious simple cakes. Includes 6 videos and 5 different recipes.

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7 Episodes $45.00
Tea Party Series

Get ready to host your own tea party! This series focuses on mostly savory treats that are often served with tea. Each recipe increases in complexity beginning with; Tea Sandwiches, Cheese Scones, Shrimp or Salmon Vol-au-vents, Lemon Tartlets and finally Scotch Eggs. A bonus lesson is also included where different teas are presented and discussed. Get out your fine china and be prepared to impress your guests! Includes 7 videos and 5 different recipes and a bonus tea pairing lesson.

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